Neo Baguette’s European coffee brew in the heart of Houston

How a chef’s wine mastering led to perfecting coffee at Neo Baguette

In celebration of its one-year anniversary, Neo Baguette reminisces about its journey to carving a name in the Houston caffeine scene. The brainchild and pet-project of Karim Kasri is becoming a favorite among coffee enthusiasts distinguishing itself by its unique European flavors.

Unassuming in appearance but packed with a punch full of flavors and now quickly becoming a favorite amongst foodies, Neo Baguette doesn’t just offer a myriad of options for dining, but its specialty also lies in its flavorful coffees. Because when it comes to coffee, not many can challenge Karim Kasri, owner and manager, in both his expertise and dedication to the brew.

Karim, who has spent more than twenty-one years studying, preparing and perfecting wine, finds that the same methodology applies, albeit loosely, to preparing coffee. “The process starts not at the brew or the roast but way before that when the coffee shrub is planted. From the soil to the climate conditions to the rearing: every step in the way counts.” Karim stated.

Because as the word on the street is, since American coffee is less strong as compared to European coffee, Karim collaborates with KATZ, a popular coffee roaster in Houston, to prepare and roast the perfect beans so coffee-lovers can satisfy their caffeine cravings. And blending (pun intended) the finesse of the exclusive La Marzocco Strada machine with Karim’s love and care for the bean, it’s no wonder Neo Baguette coffees are leaving their mark in the minds of the coffee-connoisseurs of Houston Heights.

About Neo Baugette: Neo Baguette is a bistro/restaurant based in Houston Heights, open daily from 10 a.m.–9 p.m. Launched one year ago by Karim Kasri, Neo Baguette promises to take you on a voyage to the Old World through its tasty flavors made with fresh in-house ingredients. Every item is carefully selected to reflect the extensive experience we have accumulated in the food industry.

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