6 Neo Baguette Tips to stay healthy this Christmas

Christmas is all about having fun like decorating your home with Christmas lights, waiting for Santa Claus, etc. It is simply an opportunity to appreciate, relax and enjoy the food but… with moderation. Neo Baguette presents 6 tips on how to remain fit and healthy this Christmas 2019 without giving up on the fun part of the event.

  1. Stay Active

Try not to disregard your physical exercise this Christmas. It’s highly important to remain dynamic during this period. Ask your family to accompany you for a walk after supper to help digestion. The more action you take, the better. So choose any open-air activity like bicycles, bikes, footballs or Frisbees and keep that body moving to counter the food you consume. Walk your dog, play cricket in the backyard and try to get enough rest afterwards.

  1. Don’t stress & get enough sleep

The Christmas season is supposed to be one extra reason for you to be cheerful and happy but all you end up actually being is anxious after overspending so much money on groceries, cooking, cleaning and receiving guests one after the other. You also take so much tension, sometimes, for mundane things. Would it be the end of the world if the carrots were overcooked or if the mantelpiece was somewhat not clean enough? The answer is no, right? So take a chill pill and enjoy your stress-free holiday.

Christmas is also an opportunity for you to cancel that morning alarm and let yourself wake up naturally. Make sure you don’t get carried away during evenings and stay awake attending to the guests till late hours. Your brain and your body need to rest on time after spending the whole day doing different exhausting physical activities.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Upon the arrival of such a festive night, try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking six-eight glasses of water or homegrown tea infusions or fresh juice. Remind yourself that even mellow drying out can prompt cerebral pain. Always take a full glass of water with you to bed around evening time and start the following day with another glass. And if there are Christmas parties in your vacation plan, make sure you drink a lot of water during those evenings out. This enables your kidneys to detoxify your blood and to keep dehydration under control.

  1. Avoid overeating & opt for a healthy diet

The latest researches suggest that we devour around 3,000 calories on our Christmas dinner: more than what’s normally prescribed for the whole day for an adult, which makes us instantly gain unnecessary weight and causes acid reflux and indigestion and makes us lazy for the remainder of the day. Instead of pigging out yourself on Christmas dinner, have a balanced dinner followed with a 20-minute break to check whether you are still ravenous or not (enough time for the mind to understand that the stomach is finally full).

  1. Make your food at home

Skip the locally purchased treats at Christmas and test treats that are homemade and uncommon among your family. For example, surprise your family with you hidden extraordinary Yule Log Cake making talents. At least, you’d be aware of the exact ingredients inside of it (and we don’t have to remind you that they have to be fresh and healthy).

  1. Have your own Christmas tree

As opposed to purchasing a tree from a roadside stand where the trees have been drying out for quite a long time, visit a tree ranch that enables you to cut your own. It would be fresher and presumably more affordable than it is at the stand. You’ll consume calories and battle a portion of the glucose impacts by gallivanting around the grounds looking for the perfect tree. Furthermore, your family would have had one affectionate memory to look back at.

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